Meals on Wheels would cease to exist without the valuable contribution made to it by volunteers.

The participation of volunteers is actively encouraged because it :

  1. enables them to contribute to their community;
  2. provides the opportunity for work experience and the development of new skills;
  3. allows for wider community participation in the service.

Volunteer Roles

Volunteers are used as car drivers and deliverers, for which roles a reimbursement is available.

Volunteer Recruitment Procedure

The process used for the recruitment of volunteers is as follows:

  1. Requests for volunteers are widely advertised throughout the city and among the cultural groups of the clientele.
  2. Interested persons complete an application for a volunteer position.
  3. 100 point identification is required. eg passport, driver’s licence etc.
  4. A police check is required to be carried out.
  5. The applicant will be informed as soon as possible of the result of the application. If the application is rejected the reason will be given.
  6. If the application is successful the volunteer will be given a copy of the relevant job description and an outline of their rights and responsibilities.

Come join our happy team of volunteers

Enquiries welcome.  Please ring  9718 3093 or call in at:

2/2 Carrington Square, Campsie

between 9am and 3pm any working day.

For directions please see map on the Contact page